Employee Productivity

The Employee Productivity Program, developed specifically for Tennessee employers, is aimed at helping them control workplace costs associated with reduced productivity and absenteeism by employees going through a divorce. The program combines employee group seminars with individual one-on-one conferences as well as referral services to allied divorce professionals like attorneys, therapists and child specialists who also specialize in divorce.

Other than parenting issues, if minor children are involved, divorce is all about money. Everything else, the love, hopes, dreams and plans are gone. If we can alleviate the worse points of anxiety during divorce with financial information and insight, employees will be more focused on work, more productive, and less distracting to other employees, than if they were in a constant state of distress.

As businesses look for ways to reduce expenses during a difficult economy, divorce among employees continues to impose a share of the cost upon employers. Recent surges in divorce filings during 2011, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and noted by courthouses around the country, ABC News, and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, mean that more employees will bring their problems to work with them and become less productive for a while.

Findings of the Life Innovations Study "Marriage and Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business? concluded that relationship-related stress costs employers about $300 billion annually. Divorce is the culmination of such stress. Other studies have shown that divorce impacts an employee's productivity and effectiveness in the workplace for three to five years, or longer.

In addition to productivity issues for divorcing employees, and other workers around them, higher health-related costs due to stress and depression are also borne by the employer. Assisting employees in some way to mitigate the financial distress caused by divorce is becoming a high-priority item.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) most often address the symptoms of divorce with mental health services. However, since money and family finances have long been recognized as the number one cause of divorce, it follows that financial issues would be the most contentious during divorce. Assistance focused on the financial issues of divorce, with intentions to decrease the stress, duration and uncertainties of divorce, are a meaningful addition to traditional EAP services.

Restoring normalcy in the workplace is every employer's wish following the disruptive forces of divorce. However, and unfortunately, the divorce rate in Tennessee (67%) is far higher than the national average of 50%. with no changes expected. Therefore, disruption in the workplace due to divorce becomes a constant condition to be managed, just the players change.

An additional component of the Employee Productivity Program is a management seminar, Dollars of Divorce® “  Workplace  Impact. This material is intended to help managers better understand the effects of divorce upon employees, how to control its impact upon job performance and overall productivity, and how to create more loyal employees for having cared in some way. It is noted that in the hierarchy of life's tragic events, divorce is said to be second only to the loss of a child.

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If you are visiting this site because you are going through a divorce, forward this page to your employer.


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